Client Information

Making an Appointment

Most appointments are made by a referral from your family veterinarian.  This means you will have discussed your options and determined that your pet should be seen by one of our specialists.  We are always willing to contact your family veterinarian and assist in arranging a referral.

Preparing Your Pet

Please bring (or have your family veterinarian send via email or fax) copies of all pertinent medical records, x-rays and lab work as well as a list of medications and nutritional supplements your pet is currently receiving.  Please DO NOT FEED your pet after 10:00 p.m. the night before your appointment.  Your pet can have water at all times unless instructed otherwise.

The Consultation and Exam

We strongly believe our clients should make an informed decision about the healthcare of their pets.  Appointments are scheduled in the mornings.  Following a discussion of your pet’s history and completion of a comprehensive physical examination, the doctor will provide you with evaluation and treatment recommendations and an estimate of time and expense. Upon receiving consent and authorization, we require a down payment in advance of services.  Patients may spend the day for procedures and treatment, or they may spend multiple days for ongoing hospitalized care.  Patients are usually discharged in the evenings following the completion of recommended procedures and treatments.

Payment Options

Services are payable in full at the time they are rendered.  For your convenience NFVS accepts Cash, Check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.  NFVS uses Care Credit as its’ payment plan.  You may request information and/or an application from our staff or on line at:

Following Your Visit

You will receive a written Take Home Instruction or Case Summary upon discharge from NFVS.  We may recommend return visits to NFVS for follow up care.

While You Are Here

NFVS offers complimentary WIFI.  There are a variety of restaurants and shopping centers conveniently located for you to visit while we are taking care of your pet.  Since we are a specialty hospital, we can at times experience patient emergencies during appointment hours.  While we make every effort to provide our clients the most efficient customer service possible, emergencies involving other patients may impact our ability to process your scheduled appointment on time.  When emergencies do arise, we feel confident that our clients will understand the need to provide emergency care to our patients and will accept our apologies in advance.

Please call us if you have any additional questions.  We look forward to seeing you and your pet!